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Knuckle Heads
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Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the year 2025. To escape their boredom the rich and the powerful of this world have created a new and brutal form of entertainment. They host fights between “Knuckle Heads” in Sector 13…

This no-budget film project was carried out under the support and promotion of young film-makers from the region. Guave Motion has been active in supporting young Film-makers and have made editing facilities, equipment, premises and professionals available. The visual effects were also produced in-house.


Written, Produced and Directed by Sergio Herencias
Executive Producer: Fatmir Beqiri
Action Choreographer: Betim Alimi
Director of Photography: Sergio Herencias
First Assistant Camera: Francesco Ria
Chief lighting Technician & Key Grip: Oliver Muff
Make Up & Hair Artist: Madleina Von Reding
Music: Neil Raouf
Editor: Sergio Herencias
3D & VFX Artists: Andreas Tanner, David Fritsche

Betim Alimi, Fitim Fetahi, Mehmet Beqiri, Patrik Strub,
Alice Bauer, Manuel Leis Casais, Natyra Ajvazi

A Guave Motion Production | 2014





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