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just when you think your life is not worth living one little girl can change everything

Jet is an unfortunate man whose best-laid plans to kill himself are foiled by a little girl. Caught up in the middle of a disturbing crime, will he be able to save the little girl’s life, and his own, or will his decisions destroy them both?

This intense thriller has some hard hitting scenes right from the outset. The opening scene shows potential, we start with a man holding a gun to his head.  This is an exciting opening scene as it sets a dark undertone while raising so many questions in the process.

What I love about this is the location in which our protagonist is about to commit suicide, a suburban area? This makes you wonder what happened in his life that brought him here and why not a private more secluded place to die. But whatever the reason this is a great opening scene and the tension only builds.

From a #technical point of view, this ticks a lot of boxes it doesn’t try to do too much but what it does it does well. The cinematography is well thought out, the strongest part of this short film is the timing in which the director lets a scene hang.  This is a good touch to a simple yet engaging story line.  There is a lot to learn from this one especially the simplicity in which the story was put together. all in all  a good first narrative short film from #JordanChesney






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