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This short film ” Extn.21 ” is about one man’s desire to be heard. The film uses an innovative blend of atmospheric stop-frame animation, live action performance (a live action head on a stop-frame puppet) and digital effects to create a dark world of uncertain reality (9 mins).

At first I did not know what to make of this short film storyline is initially confusing and unclear until the very end cinematography makes for the animation is superb and feels totally original and while storyline may not be overly engaging the way this short film was made is you find yourself asking the question “how they do that” all in all this is an interesting  short film Director was #Lizzie-Oxby and the Production company was #Finetake

The film won several awards, including a British Animation Award and a nomination for a British Independent Film Award. Broadcasts include: Channel 4 Television, Arte France/Germany, CBC Canada, Canal+ Poland and Universal Italy.


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