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Marvin has the most boring job in the universe – but all is not as it seems.. Directed By #Henrik-Bjerregaard ETA has some good features and does a good job in applying suspense and comedy the detail to some of the contents of the ship are outstanding. The weakest part of the short film is definitely the main character while the animation of everything around is in absolutely amazing detail but the main character lacks life mainly in facial expressions but over all a good piece of work.

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Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen Director | Vfx Artist
I have over a decade of experience in animation and visual effects for TV, web and feature film. I am a generalist, which means that I can provide clients with:

3D Modelling, Shading, Lighting, Animation, Compositing, Color Grading

You can hire me as part of your team or I can handle all of the above based on your storyboard. My primary tools are Autodesk 3ds max with VRay, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop - but I do occasionally dabble in other software if a project or shot calls for it.

Want me to work on your project? Then hire me as a freelancer. Check out my Showreel for samples of my work.





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