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Dum Spiro
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Dum Spiro is a funny short film  that tells the story of a unlucky Roman soldier on his way to deliver a important message only to have one of the biggest obstacle standing in his way….Directed by : #Boris-Cailly, #Brieuc-Guenoe, #Jean-Baptiste-Hardion, #Thomas-Lemoine and #Sébastien-Wackowiez for the #ESMA MONTPELLIER 2012

From a technical point of view, this is a solid animation with some great comedy timing the movement.  The characters are believable along with the sound effects. The film score for this film is fitting, all in all a job well done the makers of this short film created a piece of work is both engaging and of a high standard.


Thomas LEMOINE Director

Boris Cailly

I've got a passion for imagery. I studied CGI but Rigging and Animation are the two things I enjoy the most (woooh making stuff move..).
I'm currently Rigger TD junior at MPC.
Jean-Baptiste Hardion
Jean-Baptiste Hardion Director

Boris Cailly

My name is Jean-Baptiste Hardion and I am 23. I am recent graduate from ESMA (Montpellier, FRANCE) where I co-directed the short film "Dum Spiro". Actually, I'm motivated by several movies I saw in my childhood...Thanks to my work, I can tell that it's my turn to make dream people. I work specially on light and colours because, to my sense, those transmit emotions and stories.





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