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A Short Film about a  knight. A princess A dragon, Three little kids and One big school play , this is truly An epic battle for love and honor. Dragonboy is a collaborative thesis done by #Lisa-Allen, #Bernie-Warman and #Shaofu-Zhang at the #Academy-of-Art-University.

The storyline of this five star award winning short animation is very simple but is beautifully executed, the animation is well deserving of five stars. While being unique it is not totally original (that being said this is highly debatable) this short film is extremely engaging and can be watched over and over and still not old. The whole team from the director all the way down have  done a superb job on this classic short animation and for that we think you


Lisa Allen
Lisa Allen Director
Shaofu Zhang
Shaofu Zhang Director
Bernardo Warman
Bernardo Warman Director





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