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Comedy may be divided into multiple genres based on the source of humor, the method of delivery, and the context in which it is delivered: for instance, standup comedy, improvisation, slapstick. The different forms often overlap, and most comedy can fit into multiple genres. Some of the sub-genres of comedy are farce, comedy of manners, burlesque, and satire. – Here is a full list of short film Comedies online


The Laundromat

A young man returns to his wash at the laundromat after getting quarters to find a lively blonde sitting across from him and a gun sitting on top of his dirty unmentionables. If you found a gun in your laundry, what would you do?


a man facing the everyday life of people but is these such a thing a bing to nice of a guy? This is a solid short film yes " Maelvin " ( Written By #Sami-Khadraoui #Benoît-MonneyMaxime-Raymond and Directed by #Sami-Khadraoui and #Benoît Monney )


Some people just don’t know how the world works. A amusing, dysfunctional banter between two friends leads to some awkward moments. this short film has some grate acting and some will timed punch lines a grate job to all the cast and crew