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A young woman struggles to be both wife and caretaker to her paralysed husband.

Directors notes

As I filmmaker I am drawn to moral grey areas. It is easy to say that infidelity is wrong. Most people, including myself, would agree with you. Yet, in Alice’s case, its hard to make a moral judgement. I like to challenge the audience to question their own perspective, and if they would feel the same or make the same choices in the same predicament.

Interview with the makers of

the short film: Brothers

Tell us a little bit about yourself how you got into filmmaking?

I have been a storyteller since childhood and it was a logical conclusion for my career to follow the same path. Writing is my first love and if fuels much of what I do. I did the usual route of film school, industry work, leaving the industry because it was hard/quarter-life crisis, realising I couldn’t be a 9-to-5er, and then returning to the industry older, more balanced, and more focused.

How did you come up with the idea for this short film?

Brothers was originally written as a contest entry for the London Screenwriter’s Festival. The brief was that it be 2-pages long and contain one kiss. After writing, I realised that I wanted to make it myself and I never submitted it. No longer restricted by the contest brief I expanded the film from 2-pages to three in order to add more character development.
I have tried to pinpoint the origin of the story in my mind, but cannot remember what sparked the initial concept. I am drawn to moral grey areas and it seems to infuse a lot of what I write – the idea that what we think may be black-and-white is not. There are always variables that make those lines fuzzy, and not easily delineated.

Talk us through the process of creating an animation?

During the long development process of another project, I was wanting to do something more active. Thus, I decided to shoot Brothers. Since it was self-financed, we had to make the film as cheaply as possible. You only get one ‘beg/borrow/steal’ card and once you turn it in, its hard to ask anyone to work that way again. I turned mine in on Brothers. Everyone volunteered their time so we covered transportation and spent a bit extra on food to make sure everyone was well fed with hot, delicious meals. We lucked out in that we got very talented actors and an experienced crew – that doesn’t always happen when people are working for free. The key to attaching such strong people was starting with good material (the script) and backing it up with a great working environment. Despite the subject matter, we genuinely had a good time making that film.

What challenges did you face?

Our hotel location fell through the day before production. From experience, I’d learned to take everything in stride. You itemise your crises and just start ticking them off. Stressing about it does little to fix the situation and only creates a negative energy for everyone.

What are your plans moving forward?

I am currently producing two feature films and have a cable tv drama in development.

Main Genre: Dramas

Budget: £0 – £1000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): United States
Film location (city): Tacoma, WA

Filmed on: Red One

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Rose Hall

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Adventus Films


Chris Joseph Taylor

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Paul Benson





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