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Brain Divided
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Check out Brain Divided a great 3D animated short film by the talented #Josiah-Haworth, #Joon-Shik-Song and Joon-Soo-Song! Presented by #Ringling-College-of-Art-and-Design and debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew’s 4th annual #Student-Animation-Festival. Ok so The Pros – this short animation ticks all the boxes, its original the storyline is engaging and animation is very good, the guys have done a good job and there are no Cons  great work guys.


Josiah Haworth
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Josiah Haworth

I am a recent graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design and i specialize in Character animation. When i'm not animating in my closet computer lab, i enjoy Long-boarding, swimming, and playing classic video games. Over the summer i had the privileged of interning a Digital Domain. I recently finished animating a short film with two teammates, taking part in everything from visual development, to story boarding, to my favorite, Animation.

I aspire to be a professional character animator and help to create movies that not only entertain, but touch the hearts of those that see them.





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