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Greetings and welcome to We are a small group of script writers and filmmakers who have come together because we all feel that short films in the past have not got the proper respect or recognition they deserve.

One of the reasons for this is not having a bespoke proper platform in which to showcase these fantastic pieces of art. While YouTube and Vimeo have played a vital part in allowing filmmakers to potentially get their work seen by a wider audience, the downside is with more filmmakers uploading and sharing their vision with the world these sites have quickly become saturated and it is extremely hard to find the quality short films that deserve promotion and recognition. So our first step was to create a system in which only the best short films would make it onto the site and to limit the amount of categories and tags each film is entered into.  This means lovers of short films can easily find what they’re looking for whether it be films with a twist or visually stunning cinematography, adult animation, stop motion, Western, action or sci-fi.

It was quite obvious that once we started we would have a fine opportunity to create a platform in which people involved within the film community could connect. Whether you are a script writer, director, part of a lighting team, audio team, the director of photography, editor or even a score composer everyone could communicate and share their knowledge and ideas and network in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.


That’s why we have invested our time and resources to bring this all together. For example after watching a short film on our site let’s say you really appreciated the cinematography, by simply going over to the networking links for that short film in the vast amount of links that we have provided you can find the link to the cinematographer for that particular film, and follow them or connect via social. The same goes for the lighting crew, the producers and with the director and many more.

This is also a good place to get a following on a project that you are working on. By setting it up as a group allowing everyone the opportunity to subscribe and follow step by step how your short film is made and follow your day to day notes when you final release your film you will already have a following and could have your picture featured on our home page.