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Address Is Approximate By Tom Jenkins
Story line
Stop Animation
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4.6Overall Score
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A Short Film about a lonely desk toy that longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View By #Tom-Jenkins at #The-Theory.

What a superb idea for a stop animation these guys are really thinking outside the box with this storyline is simple yet effective it’s original and engaging and has some wonderful imagery all on a #DSLR.

Pre-production Animatic for Address Is Approximate

it’s the animatic for Address Is Approximate which was essential for working out the stop motion timings.

Once the music track was chosen I drew the storyboards which I then scanned & edited together, also adding basic animation and reference graphics so I could get a clear idea of the exact number of frames I needed to shoot.

You’ll see that there are a couple of shots in here that didn’t make it to the final cut, but overall this is pretty much how it came out. – Tom






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