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Watch short films and animations | We review and give feedback on your short films | Submit your short films today. are a small group of script writers and filmmakers who have been brought together to showcase the best short film, Animations and lets not forget stop motion shorts. So how does it work? Well you submit your short film to us and we review it giving you our feedback. Sharing tips on filmmaking along with script writing tips to help you become a better filmmaker is what we are all about while paying homage to award winning short films. Giving you access to festival news and competitions from around the world our community thrives on student filmmakers, up and coming and professionals alike submitting their shorts.

We also run a site for kids called because children love cartoons more than we do!!! There you will find the Best in 3D Animations, 2D cartoons and stop motion all in all a wide range of child friendly short films.

This is also a good place to gain a following on a project that you are working on by posting updates on our wall allowing everyone to see step-by-step how your short film is made and follow your day-to-day notes when you finally release your film you will already have a following. We also do interview on request to get upcoming directors the chance to be seen. If you have a kick-starter for your short film why not send us an email. If we like what you are trying to do we will add it to our rocket funding page that will help to promote your kick-starter projects

If you would like to contact us please feel free

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the kids zone

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